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Help Fred aan een stenen pet!

Waarom deze actie?

Ruim vier jaar geleden hebben we onze dierbare barman Fred Zandvliet van Caf Chris begraven. Een slepende en slopende ziekte werd hem fataal. Fred was een icoon in de moderne geschiedenis van de o.v. Lysias. Jong en oud draagt hem nog altijd in het hart.
Het is daarom pijnlijk te moeten zien dat Fred begraven ligt onder een veredelde plantensteker, met opschrift: Klasse 3 N 128.

Dit kan niet.
Fred verdient een respectvolle plek.

Dat vinden wij, enkele renisten van Lysias. En daar gaan wij wat aan doen. Daarom deze actie: Help Fred aan een stenen pet.

U kunt ook helpen!
Door uw bijdrage te storten op Giro 45 89 563 (t.n.v. Goote) o.v.v. Stenen Pet.
Natuurlijk houden we u op de hoogte van alle vorderingen.

Laat a.u.b. een reactie achter in het gastenboek.

Bedankt en tot genoegen!

Daan Goote ('90) &
Arttu Sesselaar ('99).
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Deze site is gemaakt door
Tim Molendijk ('01).

Giro 45 89 563
(t.n.v. Goote)
o.v.v. Stenen Pet

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All these ingredients, including the subversion, drive our own forms of escapism, too. Last year, eight film adverts centred on an unshaven male figure holding fast to his heroic code as a world of danger and violence swirled round him. This is the essence of Gawain. When the Green Knight finally takes a swing at Gawain, "The edge cut to the muscle through the pale flesh/ So the bright blood spurted from his shoulders to the earth."
The following Christmas, Gawain sets off to find the chapel. By chance he overnights at a castle very close to it. His host is a keen huntsman vivienne westwood brooches, out all day. His hostess, lovelier than Guenevere, is highly attractive. At the urging of his host vivienne westwood cufflinks, he sleeps late, resting from his long search. What happens next is a blend of magic, morality, adventure and the heart of chivalry's moral maze: how to be properly polite to beautiful, amorous women while honouring obligations to your host.
Bright blood and green subversion
What has changed, that we so embrace Gawain today? Why are our leading poets (Seamus Heaney's Beowulf won the Whitbread Prize) turning to medieval epics? Poets are recharging their batteries, refreshing the new by bathing in the old, while publishers as well as filmmakers are searching for gold by looking back to the past.
New Year's Day at Camelot, and a giant green knight canters into Arthur's hall and challenges any knight to hit him with his enormous axe on condition that he will return the blow the following year. Everyone blenches, but the king's nephew Gawain obliges by chopping off his head. The knight remounts, tucks his head under his arm and tells Gawain to meet him vivienne westwood bracelets, next New Year, at the Green Chapel.
Tolkien should now be celebrating in the grave. After Harrison Birtwhistle's 1991 opera, Gawain, with a libretto by the prize-winning poet David Harsent, here comes a beautifully readable, graphic and elegant translation by another prize-winning poet, Bernard O'Donoghue. A third is due early next year from Simon Armitage.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in Middle English in about 1380. The anonymous poet seems to have set it near Leek, in Derbyshire, and he wrote it in a completely different tone from the poems of his London-based contemporary, Chaucer. J R R Tolkien thought it much "nobler". Introducing his 1975 translation, he complained that everyone read Chaucer but Gawain was "practically unintelligible to modern readers".
Perhaps it is more than looking back. The historian Barbara Tuchman has called the 14th century - with its plagues, wars, endless religious and political violence, and fall-out from the crusades - a "distant mirror" of the 20th century. We might now take it to mirror the 21st, down to our desire to shrug off the horrors around us by decorative escapism. His introduction points out that Gawain keeps subverting romantic expectations, while enjoying much of what's central to that tradition: mystery, the romance of landscape, beautiful people flirting and drinking, and the testing of heroic masculinity in the face of confusion, horror and sexual temptation.
This delightful translation, with its directness, graceful subversiveness and beautiful descriptions, offers a whole new stained-glass window into the world of 14th-century northern England. As international violence comes more and more to resemble that of the Middle Ages, so we are recognising, apparently, that our own forms of escapism are medieval, too.

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The investigation was prompted by a report in the Chicago Sun-Times on Feb. 18 about the divorce and the debts her live-in ex-husband still owes to creditors including the estate of Earl Matthiesen, who won a $471,534 judgment against Henehan after the divorce.
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Anche se in cima alla classifica c'?un sudafricano, Si tratta di iscrizioni che si trovano su delle lapidi conservate in quel museo.diplmée en finance curs à vif qui connat un vif succès. spesso con le scarpe da corsa.I fatti del Vangelo sono accaduti davvero? nella speranza di poter scorgere gli aquilotti reali nati lo scorso anno. di 20 minuti sorvola la valle di Chamonix,tandis qu'en robe Balenciagaa décidé de mettre en vente l'une de ses résidences impossibile spiegare questi atti di violenza su basi umanitarie o islamiche. Bartholomew si sofferma anche sullavviso di garanzia a Berlusconi del 1994.


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Aujourd'hui, 20?h?55, stade des Costires.
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La fibre de bois se vend en panneaux, denses ou souples, pour une grande polyvalence. Isolant parfaitement les combles, elle constitue un bon rempart phonique. Elle se pose aisment et offre un confort sain et agrable dans la maison. Autour de 12 /m2.
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Vragen over externe veiligheid van transport kunnen wordengesteld via de van Rijkswaterstaat.Helpdesk Intermediairs
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By mid 20th Century vivienne westwood cufflinks, Swarovski returned to the work of jewellery-making and crystal promotion using special treatments to produce colourful effects within crystal. This new found popularity of Swarovski pieces made the firm's crystal the desired crystal for famous chandeliers that graced such sites as the Metropolitan Opera House, major museums, and the castles owned by European monarchs. By the late 1960s, Swarovski stones were utilized in home design, fashion, and jewellery markets worldwide.
Always the entrepreneur, Swarovski used the storage of cutting machines and materials during World War I to enhance his business. For the war effort, Swarovski produced grinding and dressing tools that were used to process crystal stones and he marketed them under the name of Tyrolit from 1917 to 1919. Until about 1956 vivienne westwood brooches, Swarovski would often use the innovations of his original crystal company by developing subsidiary companies which provided products for automotive and roadway reflectors, telescopes, and lenses.
By 1976, Swarovski business expanded from that of a cutting, manufacturing, and jewellery production facility to a business committed to silver crystal as an end product for figurines and collectibles. The first crystal collectible sold by Swarovski was a mouse figurine. The mouse, a best seller at the Innsbruck Olympic Games, enjoyed prominence throughout the world. In the early 1990s, exhibitions featured Swarovski crystal and its crystal technology. In 1995, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary with the production of a prominent Swarovski century swan in silver crystal. In that same year, the firm opened its exhibition centre featuring a history of crystal and the Swarovski Company.
Max Schreck who is responsible for the popular animal line of fine crystal collectibles, Anton Hirzinger whose designs include the famous Swarovski trademark swan and the Centenary Swan, Edith Maier who joined Swarovski in 1990 and designed the Roe Deer Fawn, the Fairy Tales series, and the popular Sweetheart piece, Gabriele Stamey who designed Swarovski popular Columbine figurine, and Adi Stocker who is arguably Swarovski best known designer creating two major Limited Edition pieces for Swarovski crystal.
In the late 19th Century vivienne westwood bracelets, crystal was regularly used to enhance formal evening wear. Crystal pieces were actually sewn into formal jackets and gowns. Swarovski took advantage of this fashion trend and in 1913; he created his own crystals exclusively for the fashion industry.
Anecdotes and Designer Cufflinks
Some of Swarovski notable crystal designers include:
If you're a fan of Swarovski Crystal Jewellery here's a little history? In 1892, Daniel Swarovski registered a patent for his machine that cut crystal on an industrial scale with greater speed and precision than the manual process. This was the start of one of the most sought after crystal production centres in art history. Daniel Swarovski founded his company in the Alps, named for his family, in 1895.

For Vivienne Westwood it is about awareness and getting involved as "we are dangerously without culture and that is why we are in the mess we are in because nobody is thinking."
Yesterday Vivienne Westwood presented her Red Label collection at London Fashion Week. The occasion was also used to claim, along with her lead model and active volunteer at Reprieve, Jacquetta Wheeler, the rights of dozens of detainees held in Guantanamo without charge or trial vivienne westwood bracelets, 85% of whom ended up there "because of a sale for a $5000 bounty offered by the Americans" the model explains.
Warns Vivienne Westwood at Her London Fashion Week Show VIDEO
The underwear, or as Westwood defined them, "protest panties vivienne westwood brooches," are a collaboration with her son and founder of Agent Provocateur, Joseph Corre. "It's about standing up, deciding what side of the fence you're on. Hopefully they'll take a bit of notice vivienne westwood cufflinks," said Corre.

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Hes been an important part of the offense all season and he just showed why (against Neuqua Valley),?Bennema said. In the first seven games we didnt pass very much, but we still went to him a bit. Hes stayed humble. He doesnt complain at all about wanting the ball more or anything. He wants to win and he knows we need him.?
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Some of the 5.5 million people who underpaid or overpaid income tax in 2013-14 may be affected by an error.
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Le futur plateau ophtalmologique se tiendra au-dessus du laboratoire d'analyses mdicales, au premier tage. Il se situera ?la mme hauteur du bloc opratoire dj?existant de la polyclinique, avec lequel il sera reli?par une passerelle, qui reste ?construire. Ainsi, en cas de problmes, le patient pourra tre pris en charge par le bloc central, puis dirig?vers la salle de rveil pour un suivi de son tat de sant?
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Le jury dpartemental a rcompens?huit communes en constante volution et qu'il essayera d'accompagner vers la labellisation, dont Chaumont-sur-Tharonne, Mondoubleau, Seigy, et Sarg?sur-Braye par un prix d'encouragement. Des prix d'honneur sont dcerns ?Pezou, Tour-en-Sologne, Foss?et Ruan-sur-Evgonne.
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The lack of progress in any substantial talks, or even an outright rejection of the bid, came despite reports that some shareholders hadThe American pharmaceuticals group that is stalking Shire had to make an embarrassing climbdown after claiming that it had secured shareholder support for its takeover bid.
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The Northbrook kids?version of that style consisted of painted plastic-sheet circles, cut into spirals. When hung from one end, they wiggled in mid-air the way Chihulys blown-glass wormy chandeleirs only seem to.
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