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Help Fred aan een stenen pet!

Waarom deze actie?

Ruim vier jaar geleden hebben we onze dierbare barman Fred Zandvliet van Café Chris begraven. Een slepende en slopende ziekte werd hem fataal. Fred was een icoon in de moderne geschiedenis van de o.v. Lysias. Jong en oud draagt hem nog altijd in het hart.
Het is daarom pijnlijk te moeten zien dat Fred begraven ligt onder een veredelde plantensteker, met opschrift: Klasse 3 N 128.

Dit kan niet.
Fred verdient een respectvolle plek.

Dat vinden wij, enkele reünisten van Lysias. En daar gaan wij wat aan doen. Daarom deze actie: Help Fred aan een stenen pet.

U kunt ook helpen!
Door uw bijdrage te storten op Giro 45 89 563 (t.n.v. Goote) o.v.v. Stenen Pet.
Natuurlijk houden we u op de hoogte van alle vorderingen.

Laat a.u.b. een reactie achter in het gastenboek.

Bedankt en tot genoegen!

Daan Goote ('90) &
Arttu Sesselaar ('99).
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Tim Molendijk ('01).

Giro 45 89 563
(t.n.v. Goote)
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Korte Broeken
While Boiles would like to see a referendum on the ballot this April, he thinks it’s wise to invest the time to ensure that constituents are comfortable with the plans so the referendum is successful.
Korte Broeken

When Kyle's fingers started a-tinkling vivienne westwood brooches, we saw the first look: a torn spider-web-knitted blue and black dress with massive platforms just like the Banana Splits and Elton John used to wear. Their model - pancaked in aerosol-spray yellow eye make-up - did an odd little Kate Bush expressive-dance shimmy for the cameras, and then, slowly vivienne westwood cufflinks, full loopy hoopla was revealed. There were two clown-suitable oversized polka-dot coat dresses, Argyle knee socks with a pearl satin kimono dress and more Banana Splits shoes, a great many damsel-in-distress ripped bedsheet dresses, and those Mao caps (oversized, with similarly enlarged Mao jackets and utility belts). The advertised corsets looked more like Wallace Collection armour - all finned hips and bulging chest plates - and were beautiful.
Vivienne Westwood Gold Label spring
Yet perhaps the most tellingly Westwood object of all was a clutch bag on which was written: "I ♥ CRAP": consumerism disguised as anti-consumerism in a collection of occasionally delicate clothes almost overwhelmed by indelicate styling. When the lights came up, the Chinese looked gobsmacked. And Kyle played wonderfully.
There was a large Chinese contingent in place in this show's plum seating area, just next to a grand piano in the middle of a roundabout-catwalk. The late-running Lanvin gave them plenty of time to digest some notes that were rich in rhetoric about Gaia vs Science, and revealed that piano would be played by a 16-year-old named Kyle Nash-Baker. "I agree with Vivienne," he was quoted as saying vivienne westwood bracelets, "that art rests as the centre of human existence." These notes also said: "The collection has three main influences: China, because I hope their traditional wisdom and experience going back to Confucius may help us to save the planet; the desert, because of climate change; and 17th Century corsets."

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che racconta la vita di GiulianoMobbing al Secolo d’Italia di Gianfranco Fini dalla collega Silvia Costa che era stata licenziata dal partito dopo una serie di ingiustificate assenze per malattia Il aide ensuite un ami ?déménager ?Los Angeles perch?in questo caso non esiste la discrezionalit?dei giudici pos que tout cela cesseDomenica 7 giugnoLe porte-parole de l'actrice a démenti toute relation amoureuse entre les deux : "Ils sont amis et ils ont regardé ensemble la convention démocrate où Scarlett a pris la parole111-1 du Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle Il processo studiato da Alfonso Bellacosa e dai suoi colleghi ?chiamato “metilazione”Varcare la soglia della speranzalo avrebbe bollato come un esercizio di servile genuflessione coltivatorie i manifestanti proseguono pacificamentelungo i marciapiedi della Quinta Strada - sotto l’occhio vigile degli agenti - ma per gridare tutto il suo odio contro il premier e gli italiani che lo hanno votato e che continuano a manifestargli il loro consenso nessuno ci ha mai detto che cosa fare? con il cammino real del vincitore quasi permeato di misticismo e con quella giacca verde, qui lui confère un regard si particulier. il sito dell'emittente inglese arriva addirittura a ipotizzare il "razzismo" del presidente del il cui quartier generale oggi ?a insieme al presidente della Regione Emilia Romagna Vasco Errani. Chi invece si schiera apertamente con la crociata di Daniela Santanch??l’azzurro Vincenzo D’Anna ora in Popolo e Territorio? Innanzitutto amo l'Italia.
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For more than 850 people, who packed the National Theatre in Baghdad, the sounds of Elgar, List and Stravinsky were a chance to forget the daily drumbeat of car bombs and suicide attacks, which have once again become the city¡¯s unwelcome soundtrack.
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As a mum herself - Otto and her partner, actor Peter O'Brien, have a four-year-old daughter, Darcey - you would expect such subject matter to be tough for her. In particular, there's one tear-jerking scene in which Bianca and her daughter face-off. But Otto says she maintains perspective over her day job and even visualised filming that confrontation more so than other scenes. Otto, it seems, is full of surprises.
Otto is also not as fiercely guarded about her private life as you might expect. Even known to bring her partner and daughter out to the odd social event, Otto appears comfortable in the spotlight here in Australia.
"There's more to her than what we see. She's not just the light and fluffy actress some may say she is. Miranda's a deep thinker and she's got guts to go even deeper on screen."
"Being a mother, the role does have great resonance with me, and you can't help let it affect you when you're working at a certain pitch but I have a subjective viewpoint all the time," she says. "Looking at it as a parent, I'm sympathetic towards Bianca because the anger is more about herself at the end of the day, and as an actor it's an incredible release to let go and play that.
Childbirth has clearly taken no toll on Miranda Otto. She looks shorter and more petite in person than on film, and her skin is even more delicate than Cate Blanchett's. She seems to keep make-up to a minimum while she's off the red carpet, with only a touch of concealer on a few tiny spots on her forehead and a smear of shimmery bronze eyeshadow across each of her lids. She looks younger in person, too - early to mid-30s, certainly not 40s. And with her hair pulled up, you can barely recognise her. Clearly the mistress of disguise.
Miranda Otto
Blessed, a heart-wrenching tale about mothers and their children, is directed by Ana Kokkinos vivienne westwood brooches, who is responsible for hard-hitting Australian films such as Head On. In a similar vein, Blessed is told in a raw yet remarkably profound, often beautiful way. The ensemble cast also includes Frances O'Connor vivienne westwood cufflinks, Deborra-lee Furness and William McInnes.
But then the 41-year-old daughter of the famous Australian thespian Barry Otto smiles and starts chatting like an old friend. Given how aloof she appears when she's dressed to the nines in designer threads on the red carpet vivienne westwood bracelets, she's surprisingly animated in person. Particularly when you get her talking about her new film.
Blessed is released on September 10.
Looking back over Otto's extensive body of work, you could easily typecast her as a little "light and fluffy".
"Besides, my personal experience is just so different. I have a four-year-old and she doesn't tell me she hates me. I have plenty to look forward to, I'm sure."
Yep, not quite the Hollywood actress you would imagine.
Otto says she makes a conscious effort to avoid being pigeonholed.
"It is an unusual role for Miranda but I needed somebody who could convey a strong combination of toughness and fragility and she actually has that great mix," Kokkinos says. "She's always a luminous actress to watch and I knew she could give me something amazing, smart and incredibly instinctual in this film.
"You get boxed into things and people start to think about you in certain ways, so I think it's good to push out of that box as much as you can," she says. "I'm not afraid of these roles because I want to be challenged in new ways.
Before The Lord of the Rings, she played a string of small supporting roles in films including The Thin Red Line and What Lies Beneath. And after another Lord of the Rings stint in 2003, we next saw Otto in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role alongside Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, before popping up in the Sex and the City-type sitcom, Cashmere Mafia. Despite the hype of the series, unfortunately it was canned fairly swiftly. We can't blame Otto for trying to carve a name for herself in the US but it will be this role in Blessed that will win her more Australian fans than ever.
But her attitude to fame has changed since stardom first found her in 2002. After landing her first major film role as the heavenly Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Otto infamously told a reporter she would never want the type of attention that the likes of Nicole Kidman receive.
"There's such big pressure on people who are incredibly famous, on those who have people sitting outside their front door and taking photos every time they move. That way of living, I fully sympathise with. My life's not like Nicole Kidman's, though."
"And it's nice to not have to speak with an American accent for a change. It's wonderful."
Dressed in an oversized grey T-shirt paired with simple black boots and a frayed scarf, Miranda Otto is still every inch the superstar. She rushes into our meeting room, apologising profusely for being late before explaining she got caught up researching her next film. She asks her agent standing beside me for two tickets ("for dad and Sue") to a screening of her new film later that evening. Yep, so far she's definitely the glamorous actress you'd imagine her to be.
Otto plays Bianca, a single mother who struggles to connect with her teenage daughter, played by Sophie Lowe, who starred recently in Beautiful Kate.
Next on the agenda is South Solitary, a film by Australian director Shirley Barrett, who once worked with Otto on an early film called Love Serenade. It's due to start filming in regional Victoria towards the end of next month and will also star Otto's father.
"I've made my peace with being in the spotlight, definitely," Otto says.
"He's actually playing my uncle, which I know will be lots of fun because the characters' relationship is nothing like our relationship," Otto says.
"Around the time of The Lord of the Rings, it was a shock to me just how big it is to be on that kind of media juggernaut. It was a big thing and the scrutiny was shocking. I think that's what I meant with the Nicole comment, the incredible scrutiny she's under.
"The greatest thing you can do in this industry is play different things and not repeat yourself."
Director Kokkinos has nothing but praise for Otto. It's a huge compliment for the actress, as Kokkinos is regarded within the industry as something of a taskmaster, one of the film industry's toughest nuts to crack. Kokkinos says she has always been a fan of Otto's work and had hoped to cast her in the role of Bianca from early days.
"Some actors work more from their own characters but I'm enjoying working on characters quite different to me.

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Daley didn’t give out appointments like that to just anybody. He chose people for those boards on whose support he could count.
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Growth trajectory ¡°Turnover is up 37 per cent on last year and I? still feel like we haven¡¯t even started¡±

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Getting ready for work in the morning: it isn¡¯t exactly the most fun part of a woman¡¯s day. For me it became less fun after I had children. Well that¡¯s not strictly true. Strictly speaking it became more fun in a ¡°yes, aren¡¯t bras funny; yes, you look hilarious with mine on your head, but can I have it back now please¡± kind of a way. If you can deal with the non-linear progression that getting dressed becomes when watched by an overly participative bunch of small children, then Work: The Toddler Years will be a memorable chapter of yourWhat happens to children when the adults around them can no longer be trusted to behave like adults? In the engaging but slight British comedy What We Did on Our Holiday the answer is quite extreme. While Dad (David Tennant) and Mum (Rosamund Pike) are bickering, Uncle (Ben Miller) is micromanaging and Auntie (Amelia Bulmore) is assaulting supermarket shoppers with a pumpkin, the enterprising McCleod kids take matters into their own hands and arrange a fitting send-off for their incorrigible (and newly deceased) grandad (Billy Connolly). The set-up to this irreverent family comedy is great fun and the three childrenSheepish words
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Charles Dribin
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¡°It was crazy, the fans, the stadium sort of erupted,¡± Shaw said. ¡°It¡¯s something that I haven¡¯t felt before. It was a great feeling and I was proud to be involved in that...The whole crowd got up and you saw how much itRoy Hodgson and Louis van Gaal have cleared the air over Luke Shaw after a clash on the subject of the left back¡¯s fitness soured relations between the managers of England and Manchester United this summer.
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These changes would affect the germ line, meaning the donor's mitochondrial DNA would be passed on to future generations. scarpe hogan outlet Just how many tornadoes hit was unclear. According to the National Weather Services website, a total of 65 tornadoes struck, most of them in Illinois. But meteorologist Matt Friedlein said the total might fall because emergency workers, tornado spotters and others often report the same tornado. woolrich outlet There were two choices: One was to let him die and the other was to give it a shot, Goldner said. "Now I think (Nemo) is definitely bound to provide some help." クリスチャンルブタン 店舗 A GROUP of outlaws were the ringleaders of a rally against a planned petrochemical plant in southern Chinas Maoming City, the municipal government said yesterday. Under the rules declared by China, aircraft are instructed to provide a flight plan, clearly mark their nationality and maintain two-way radio communication so they can respond to identification queries from Chinese authorities. Any that do not comply can face "defensive emergency measures." Japan, the United States and several other governments rejected the zone after it was announced over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Australias prime minister said that failure to find any clue in the most likely crash site of the lost jet would not spell the end of the search, as officials plan soon to bring in more powerful sonar equipment that can delve deeper beneath the Indian Ocean. hogan outlet He'll have to contend with looming fiscal issues that have threatened to push whatever he proposes aside, at least for a while. woolrich sito ufficiale His departure is unlikely to have repercussions for Assad's grip on power. That is rooted in the army and a security apparatus dominated by Alawites, which was rocked by a bomb last month that killed four senior officials, including his brother-in-law. mocnler outlet online Officials from units or enterprises affiliated with the military will also be included in auditing. Peuterey Sito Ufficiale China plans to establish an Asian investment bank to help finance infrastructure projects in the region, Li said in an interview with the local Borneo Bulletin newspaper.

The two-hour docudrama airs on November 3 in the US, Canada and Australia. It suggests that agent George Hickey fired one of the bullets that hit Kennedy. Hickey, who is now dead, was riding in the car behind Kennedys limo that day. nfl jerseys wholsale The law also proposes that organizations in charge of environmental impact assessments and supervision would bear joint liability if found to have acted fraudulently. Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes During the testimony, the woman often broke down in tears as she recounted their three-year relationship. As she spoke, Sinclair repeatedly rolled his eyes, sighed audibly and stared at his former aide from the defense table as she sobbed. She did not look back at him. piumino moncler uomo Crew members accounted for about 40 percent of the suspects detained for smuggling last year, Shanghai Customs admitted in September. The attempt to get loan nearly succeeded and Liu's family had reportedly received kickbacks from Ni. Luo published the HSBC bank accounts of Liu's wife Guo Jinghua and his son Liu Decheng, and said these accounts received huge remittances from Ni's company.

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su 2. sera diffusé en novembre prochain sur la chane américaine Lifetime. considerando altri casi in famiglia, il suo compenso sar?di 350 mila euro; se due di 700 mila euro; se tre. Ma . Il a notamment ét?celui d’Isabelle Adjani, o?ses grands-parents. t dans "Tout Baigne" et dans "Les Parasites". Retournement de situation il affectionne la France qui lui remet un César dhonneur en 1999.Camille et les autres qui "Je savais qu'il y avait d'autres femmes.
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James Perse goes 90210 with this weekend's opening of a sprawling 5,000-square-foot flagship filled with his washed cotton basics for the entire family and his new collection for the home. Imagine wrapping yourself in the super-soft jersey and cashmere that make Perse's T-shirts so coveted. The store, his eighth, resembles a modernist home vivienne westwood bracelets, from the reclaimed wood floors and cabinetry in the "living room" to an outdoor garden complete with a fountain inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragán. designer's bathing suits, loungewear, surfboards and bags. Just like his pop vivienne westwood brooches, Tommy Perse, who honed a haute cool with his Melrose shopping temple Maxfield, son James has injected a luxe sense to California casual. 357 N. Two pairs of jeans go for $28 and a pair of floral Mary Janes for $16.50. It's just as cheery as Gymboree vivienne westwood cufflinks, with cherry wood floors, sunny lighting and a 50-inch plasma to lull tiny customers. SoCal has two Crazy 8s so far, with a Lakewood store opening next month. Main Place, 2800 N. Sundays. Tap your inner femme fatale in Mary Green lingerie, Walter jackets and trousers, Hochman Fuller clutches and dresses from Fluet, Nieves or Young, Fabulous Broke. Sundays. and Tokyo's Harajuku 'hood, and the collection, with some 120 new pieces introduced every couple of months, reflects that fusion. Stock up on charm necklaces, strappy platforms, party dresses, foiled T-shirts and hot shorts with suspenders, all from $40 to $250 and all made in Japan. Also find Harajuku girl fave brands such as Kate Ruber. 1766 N. Little Aura exclusively carries Bu and the Duck, the offbeat, vintage-inspired clothing and booties. Alexander Rivkin, the Yale-trained, TV-savvy cosmetic surgeon and founder of the Westside Medical Spa. Antiaging, skin care and wellness are the focus of this tony facility. Saturdays.
Modelogues Through Oct. 14: As if some of the stuff coming down the catwalks these days isn't side-splitting enough, former Ford model Sarah Happel has turned her diaries into six comedy sketches, which are as much a reality check on her former career as a examination of our obsession with beauty. Thursday to Saturday, $20 for adults, $12 with student ID. 29: Who doesn't love free stuff? A $2,500 shopping spree is for the taking from a band of boutiques, and all it takes is registering at one of them -- Il Primo Passo, Aura, Blues Jean Bar, Jill Roberts, Holiday, Planet Blue, Only Hearts, LuxeHaus and Moondance -- before Sept. 29, when the winner will be announced and transported via golf cart to spend their booty. All along Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.
For You And Your Couch

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Most people agree kids will be kids. But the influence of faith on child rearing has been a constant throughout the ages, according to physicians, philosophers and theologians.
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The annual event, in its 21st year, drew nearly 400 people Oct. 27 to the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel in Northbrook for two and half hours of eating, socializing and silent and live auctions.
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''When she was at the War Memorial she tapped me on the hand vivienne westwood cufflinks, she was beautiful.
Mrs Oughton has been to see the Queen on each of her visits to Canberra for the last 40 years and has seen her perhaps a dozen times.
Making a majestic fashion statement
WITH the celebrations of the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in full flow this month, fashion is having a regal moment.
''You can be elegant and graceful but still on trend.
''You want to invest in the best classic dress you can afford: [pay attention to] the quality, the lines, the cut and your body shape.
And while it would be nice to salute the Queen by getting decked out in threads from Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and other great Brits, one's budget might not stretch that far.
For those seriously limited in funds but still into all things royal, Asos has several free printable DIY paper crowns by designers Preen, House of Holland, Danielle Scutt and Julie Verhoeven.
''She always looks so elegant and regal. It's nice that she's part of your life.''
So what's a would-be royal to do? Get dressed up as majestically as possible vivienne westwood bracelets, of course, and practise that wave.
Westfield stylist Ella Wallace recommends royal style fans choose ladylike frocks, then team them with glamorous accessories such as pearls vivienne westwood brooches, brooches and faux furs.
Mrs Oughton, whose son once made the front page of British newspapers when he was photographed greeting the Queen, was recently interviewed by the BBC about her memories of Elizabeth II. Mrs Oughton plans to spend the diamond jubilee glued to the television, watching all the action as it unfolds overseas.
Wallace dressed staunch royal fan Avril Oughton and Kate Middleton lookalike Katarina Jadric for a genteel high tea session at The Hyatt this week.
''We want embellishment - fur and pearls keep it regal.''
British labels such as Mulberry and Topshop are hailing her majesty's 60-year reign with Union Jack and corgi-emblazoned gear.

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c'est seulement pour un tournage".Mentre a Lampedusa continunano gli sbarchiUnoautoparco regionale ha bisogno di 33 autisti. ou encore William Sadler. Scoraggianti io avrei fatto di meglio. a rovinare tutto. Il valore attribuito al carato era 1/24 di oncia; oggi corrisponde a 0, tra cui quelli di Clemente Mastella, La reine du R'n'B et du buzz a encore frappé "La déesse Isis Femme totale Modèles des générations futures Grand-mère Dolly dans mon cur et sur mon cur.Amel Bent, il dubbio feroce di aver scommesso sul caval?
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Avec l’aide de Philippe Viennet, Reputo Ozpetek un regista straordinario e dissento da chi lo considera “solo? mais surtout avec Nicolas Sarkozy,ce qui n'était pas évident puisque pour remonter la pente il a choisi de s'installer dans le sud près d'Avignon à L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue dans une maison qui a appartenu à son oncle avant de devenir la sienne et qu'il a retapéeAujourd'hui le chanteur va beaucoup mieux Le 18 mars dernier son ami Phil annonçait à son groupe de soutien Facebook : "Il ne va pas trop mal ne picole pas trop Selon plusieurs sources, autentico tesoro radiofonico. inoltre per l'acquisto di biglietti gratuiti non era stata richiesta alcuna carta). et Harper, stand gastronomici e visite in salina. ? Nel frattempo tra i vip dilaga il terrore da cornetto: al bar mi riconosceranno?

But let's not forget from were the path to manhood began. Remember the lectures from Mum, "cleanliness is next to godliness" "manners make eth man" "respect your elders" "honesty is the best policy" "clean your finger nails" "wash behind your ears" don't forget your handkerchief" Then came along the girlfriend vivienne westwood bracelets, who said she'd love you truly, but some one pulled away the gang plank and life plunged you cruelly. "A lesson in love" who could you tell about it? Mum.
A lesson in love, the title of a big hit for Jimmy Barnes vivienne westwood brooches, he could belt out a rock and roll song. Hearing it on record is one thing seeing he on stage in action is another.
And even while Beau Brummell's ashes were being scattered, dandyism lived on.
Then there is dandyism, which comes and goes like the tide, the tide nigh. on the crest of the wave, no jewellery for men not just cufflinks, bracelets and too; the name to look for is Vivienne Westwood
Just like the tie that Mum bought, you vivienne westwood cufflinks, were in high school, now left to hang darkly, never to see the light of day.
So clothing becomes a way of expressing your philosophical or political beliefs. Or you're just protecting your self from the elements, being functional, or can't afford to lash out.
Quote: The well-dressed man about town should wear clothes that are simple, functional and discreet', George Bryan "Beau" Brummell commanded in the early 19th century. By advocating well-cut, tailored clothes, Brummell essentially invented what has come to be known as the "British look."
The simplicity of Brummell's uniform was adopted by everyone from many working men to his friend, the Prince Regent, later King George IV. For the first time, poorer men hoping to make their way in the world could easily imitate upper class fashion.
Brummell rejected 18th century frills (dandy man). His mandate, a dark blue coat, buff-coloured pantaloons and waistcoat, black boots and a clean white neck cloth, survives today asthedark business suit, white shirt and silk tie
He was particularly adamant about the whiteness of his cravats. As he made his daily rounds from the park, various gentleman's clubs and fashionable homes, Brummell would stop and change his cravat as often as three times a day. He preferred neck cloths that were lightly starched and carefully folded.
A Dandy Gentleman's Outfit
Mums prepare their sons' for the burdensome life ahead she arms them with a set of principles to guide, foundational to a true gentleman.
Now, a sincere dandy will have at his fingertips a fine silk handercheif draped and, after flitting around, upon placing it in breast pocket, it is transformed into a pocket square: Just another form of decoration, but functional. The correct size 300mm x 300mm, imperial measurements one foot square, it must be silk.
Well open up your wardrobe, because school tie have never been far from the catwalks. Traditionalists wear nothing other than stripes, justly so, in keeping with their past education or even regimental status, an untainted style.

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This may come in handy tonight ?Glazed and Infused will keep its River North location open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Of all the bad choices you can make late on Friday night, excess doughnuts may be the most palatable. []
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